simpeligent germany has been an development specialist for over 30 years, delivering solutions and services to hundreds of companies around the world. The company began providing technical support services to the financial services sector in 2001 and from the start we had a fundamental understanding that business is about customer service.
This service ethic is a core part of our DNA here at simpeligent germany, driven from the top management down to our frontline support engineers, and a key reason our average customer relationship lasts in excess of ten years. Information technology has changed tremendously over the course of our business and at simpeligent germany, our strategy of investing in people and know-how has been a key factor in maintaining our dge over the competition.

Today, the breadth of services we offer is quite rmarkable for our size and allows us to punch well above our weight. Our expertise spans cloud migration services, IT infrastructure, application specialization, software development, mobile app development and all are backed by our managed services and helpdesk support contracts.

We at simpeligent don't do what your business is today, we want it to be in 10 years' time and we can only guarantee that by looking after you so well that you won't want to let go of us.